Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas Letter?

This cute family of mine has hit some milestones and 2017 will be full of crying happy tears (some sad too) with what is in store for this bunch!
I've never sent out a "yearly Christmas letter", let's face it, only the past few years has anyone received a Christmas card from us. I still feel it important to jot down some of the ups and downs and things we are looking forward to.

Mat - Mat is finishing up his 8th year of being self-employed and beginning our business Restorative Woodworks. He is and incredibly talented, and extremely hard worker. He will be turning the big FOUR-OH this year and the bugger only keeps better looking with age.  I have decided he's a horrible hiking partner however.  He doesn't feel the need to pause on ANY switchbacks hiking Observation Point or Angel's Landing and frankly I hate him for it as I'm all nonchalant like "hmmm these switchbacks have INCREDIBLE views! Wow, we should pause every other one just to make sure we don't miss anything".  In typical Mat fashion he has registered for a handful of upcoming races...a half marathon here or there thrown in as part of training.  He will be competing on a relay team for the St. George Half Ironman hoping for a 6 minute mile pace (otherwise known as how long it takes Jamie to put her freaking shoes on).  His big milestone for 2017 will be the Zion 100 miler. ONE HUNDRED FREAKING MILES! If you thought perhaps "is Mat insane?' when he married me 18 years ago, YES, yes he is.

Jamie - No one really cares that I've resolved that botox is probably going to have to be a must as I hit the big 40 as well and that my big goal for 2017 is to have zero 4-5 year olds laughing about their chubby primary teacher.

Bailey - This kid is where the mix of happy and sad tears comes into play...She is a senior at Snow Canyon High School this year. A FREAKING SENIOR!!! (yep, almost 18 and as mentioned above 18 years of marriage, feel free to speculate) Bailey is a fantastic student, an amazing cheerleader (sad tears because we can't seem to convince her to cheer in college), and just all around amazing person. COLLEGE! She will be beginning an entire life of adulthood with the possibility of actually leaving the nest to go to college!  Tears, so many tears.

Caleb - Our sweet little toe head is not so little, not so blonde, but still incredibly sweet these days.  He has grown a good 6 inches this past year and has just began his high school days as a freshman. Caleb has left the realms of participating in team sports for picking up an assortment of individual sports.  He has even (much to my dismay being the twin to Kris Nelson and his swarm of buddies) picked up skateboarding. Dang it if he's not a natural either. Of course he tends to naturally talented at anything he tries (those genetics clearly come from his mother and thats why he's my official pickleball partner).  Really though, he's an amazing kid who asks for very little in life.  Everyone should have a "Caleb" in their family.

Easton - Easton has followed in his older brother's footsteps in the growing department following close behind with a gain of 5 inches this year (in case your wondering we've basically experienced 2 teenage boys with hormone levels raging who share a room...yeah, good times).   Easton is an incredible soccer player and his growth has certainly helped his game.  He is a big dreamer and plans to be a multi-millionaire someday.  He bought himself his own dirt bike this year and is currently saving for a Razor, of course gas station trips for Takis and Walgreen stops for cologne seem to be preventing much savings...

Peyton - Okay, those that know Peyton personally will attest to the driven personality of our little platinum blonde.  She currently takes ballet and jazz, participates in the school early morning choir (I ALMOST got away with 0 kids forcing me up extra early 2 days a week), competes on not one but two cheer teams (competing at a youth level 2 and Junior level 3), and still begs to learn to violin and play competitive soccer.  She MAY get to play some rec league soccer in the spring because lets face it she gets most anything she wants, but I don't know how she thinks she could even fit violin into her schedule. She is still participating in her school's dual immersion program which makes her SEP's more exciting despite Mat and I just nodding with confused looks as she rattles off her Chinese with her teachers. 

Holy crappers, we are blessed. Like crazy blessed. Sure we've got struggles, tough times, and all of that but did I mention how much I love that family of mine?